Titre About us

Founded in 1979, Airparif is a non-profit organization accredited by the Ministry of Environment to monitor the air quality in Paris and in the Ile de France region (the capital city region).

Airparif is in charge of four missions: To monitor air quality, to forecast pollution episodes, to assess the impact of mitigation measures and to inform the authorities, media and citizens (daily during a pollution episode).

Airparif continuously monitors the air quality and contribute to the assessment of health risks and environmental impacts of air pollutants.

According to the French Air Act of 30 December, 1996, Airparif’s administration board comprises four constituent groups representing the various parties concerned with air pollution issues:

  • National government authorities.
  • Ile-de-France regional local communities.
  • Industries contributing to the emission of monitored pollutants
  • Environmental protection agencies; consumer groups; the health professions; and experts

In compliance with the French Air Act, Airparif's missions meet regulatory requirements and centre on three activities: assessment, forecasting and dissemination of information. Airparif is mandated to measure air quality on a continuous basis and to contribute to assess air pollution on human health and its impact on the environment and architectural monuments. The agency forecasts pollution episodes so that measures taken by the authorities to reduce emission levels and limit personal exposure to at-risk groups, can be taken in a time effective manner. Airparif also develops modelling tools that can objectively evaluate the effectiveness of planned measures concerning air quality. Finally, Airparif provides information to the public, to the local and national authorities, media and researchers by allowing them access to all of the data produced.

Airparif in key numbers:

  • Around 60 pollutants are assessed of which 15 are mandatory,
  • Around 10 mobile units,
  • More than 60 air quality stations including 50 automated stations,
  • 2 daily forecast,
  • Around 50 employees,
  • Around 7 million Euros of annual budget.